Buying tickets for mysterious journeys. (taking the first step)

What if one day you showed up to a train station and all the trains were unmarked? There was no information of departure times, journey lengths or destinations.  All you have is the knowledge that your destination actually exists and the tenacity to keep changing trains until you finally get to your destination.

What if you never get there – knowing it’s where you truly belong?

Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I started on my own journey to becoming a published children’s book author / illustrator.

Where do I start? What will I need to know along the way? All of these things have the ability to overwhelm even the most tenacious into submission and tenacity was never something I was associated with.

Yet, in the six months that I have (consciously) dedicated to learning this craft I safely feel like I have finally gotten on the right train and have made the right connections. Anyone who has set out on a treacherous, saturated career route that, at best, is dimly lit will appreciate how much a ‘right track’ sign can mean.

I wanted to document the journey that I have taken so far as well as the roads I take in the future to map out my own path (selfishly) but also hopefully to help others thinking of starting a similar journey of their own.

DISCLAIMER: I am not yet published. I am just honing skills and in the next 3 – 4 years hope to be able to say something different.

You are welcome to join me on my journey through the abyss.



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